Accreditation is a formal, independent verification that a program or institution meets established quality standards and is competent to carry out specific conformity assessment tasks. Conformity assessment tasks may include, but are not limited to, testing, inspection, or certification.


“To Implement and enhance a worldwide integrated Halal market & safeguard of Muslim consumers rights. Our mission is to serve the global demand for Halal accreditation services through excellence in integrity, knowledge and service.”


QTAWA’s vision it to bring convenience and peace of mind to the Muslim consumer through Globally recognized as the Halal Accreditation platform.


  • To provide the Muslim Community and their spiritual platform to improve religion and spirituality
  • Promote peace, harmony and tolerance
  • Promote integration
  • Promote friendly relations between Muslims and non-Muslims
  • Provide high quality authentic traditional education to children
  • To promote consumption of Halal food products through
  • Research into food products to determine their suitability for Halal consumption
  • Informing consumers about Halal status of products
  • Answering queries from individuals regarding Halal suitability of products or ingredients
  • To assist food manufacturers in producing Halal food products by: providing detailed information about Halal requirements
  • Authenticating food products and issuing Halal certification
  • Providing advice on promotion of Halal certified products