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QTAWA Started HTB Approval – قطاوة
QTAWA Started HTB Approval

QTAWA Started HTB Approval

QTAWA accredits training bodies for Halal Training Standard  which specifies requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of Halal management systems. This accreditation demonstrates to the marketplace, stakeholders, and regulators that the bodies have met the QTAWA accreditation

requirements and are periodically monitored for compliance. QTAWA Accreditation for Halal Management System Training Bodies

  • Demonstrates compliance with OIC/SMIIC 2:2019
  • Provides the credentials that ensure certification marks will have acceptance in the marketplace and by governmental agencies that regulate service or product acceptance
  • QTAWA accreditation is accepted by regulators and the marketplace
  • Assurance of competence and best practices
  • Reduce duplication of audits by other third-party providers
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